Call for Papers: 3rd Himalayan Studies Conference

3rd ANHS Himalayan Studies Conference

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Friday 14 – Sunday 16 March, 2014

The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS) is pleased to announce that its 3rd annual conference will be held at Yale University in New Haven, CT, Friday 14 – Sunday 16 March, 2014. The conference is hosted by the Yale Himalaya Initiative and convened by Dr Mark Turin.

Conference Theme

As a central theme, the 3rd Himalayan Studies Conference will address the idea of Communities, broadly conceived. This includes issues relating to communities within and across the Himalaya; ongoing partnerships between scholars, governments and citizens in the region; as well as communities of practice that support Himalayan Studies as an emerging field of interdisciplinary scholarship and practice.

While the Organizing Committee does not require participants to explicitly address this year’s theme in their papers and discussions, presenters are strongly encouraged to consider the role of communities writ large at the 2014 conference.


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